by Kellie Fraser-Carter on March 22, 2022

Most of us are on the quest to brighten up our smiles. Studies show that people with Whiter Teeth are more likely to be smarter, socially competent, happier in their relationships and have more success in their professional and personal lives.

So what is it exactly that we consume on a daily basis, that slowly tarnishes our Bright White Smiles and prolongs our chances at a “happier and more successful” life?

Take a look at the list below and see if any of these are your daily habits. You may need a BLANQ LED Teeth Whitening Kit.



Sorry to all of the coffee fans out there, but Coffee is one of the worst staining agents for your Teeth. If you want to get your Teeth nice and white, then your morning “pick me up” needs to go!

What most don’t realise, is that Coffee is acidic. So when you’re sipping away on your daily life saver, you’re not only damaging your teeth, but you’re staining them. If coffee is one thing that you can’t give the boot, best way to drink it is with a take away Sippy lid. Doing this will cut back on the acidity of the coffee surrounding your Teeth.



Majority of us are guilty of having a sneaky cigarette here and there! Not only is smoking terrible for your health, but it’s a killer (pardon the pun) with staining your Teeth. Nicotine and tar are the two culprits in regard to tobacco stains on teeth. Nicotine by itself is a colourless substance, but when mixed with oxygen it turns yellow. When tobacco is inhaled or placed in the mouth, nicotine and tar settle into the oral cavity. These substances are able to leach their way into microscopic openings in our enamel, resulting in a yellow/brown discoloration of the tooth surface. Luckily, tobacco stains are extrinsic, meaning that they are on the outer layer of the tooth surface and can be removed. So stop that nasty habit, and get your hands on a BLANQ Teeth Whitening Kit.


Soft Drinks

Sugar filled beverages act the same as sugar filled snacks, giving the bacteria in your mouth plenty to feed off of and in turn releasing damaging acids, Soft drinks are especially dangerous, since anything carbonated is also acidic and will create holes in the teeth—and this includes sugar-free versions too…  Not to mention it’s terrible for your overall health and wellbeing! Try and switch it up with water instead.



Delicious sugary treats like lollies, cookies and icy poles all due to their sugary contents, release acids that then attach themselves to the enamel on our teeth. Our enamel is so porous that it just soaks it right up, and can cause black holes in your teeth and lead to discolouration.



Some medicines can have adverse effects on your teeth, and the seriousness varies. In some cases, teeth staining is so strong that it is practically irreversible, whereas others can be solved with a simple Teeth Whitening Kit. When it comes to medication, just use common sense: read through the side effects of a prescription before you start dosing, and ask your doctor about potential reactions. Main medications that can stain your teeth are Antibiotics, Antihistamines and Anti-hypertension medications.


Red Wine

Red wine is quite a bad guy in the staining world! We are all guilty of having a few reds here and there, and that’s okay in moderation. But it has the same nasties (Tannins) in it as coffee and tea. Which is a lot harder stain to remove from your teeth. Best get onto a Teeth Whitening Kit and start trying to budge those stains.


Citrus Foods                                                                                                          

If you’ve noticed a yellow tinge to your teeth, generally acidic foods are the ones to blame! Think citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits. Even though they’re packed with nutrients, these yummy fruits can erode the enamel on your teeth and cause a yellow discolouration.



Because of the bright red colour and the acidity in tomato sauces and pasta sauces, they leave your teeth vulnerable to staining. Eating green foods beforehand such as broccoli and lettuce can minimise the level of staining as they can adhere to your teeth creating a protective layer over the teeth. However, doing so may not prevent staining in the long term.



Many don’t know, that Tea does the same level of staining on our Teeth as coffee. They both contain Tannins and are generally dark in colour. If you’re a tea drinker but would like to avoid any unnecessary staining to your Teeth, then perhaps consider the change to drinking herbal teas.


Blueberries, Blackberries and Pomegranates

While berries are jam packed full of anti-oxidants, their dark skins and juices are serious strainers!

When you’ve been chowing down on a bowl of berries, have you ever dripped some on your clothing? Well these tasty little things stain your clothing a beauty! So imagine what they’re doing to your teeth.


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