by Kellie Fraser-Carter on March 22, 2022

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to whiter, brighter teeth and purchased your LED mouthguard teeth bleach kit from BLANQ. Our market-leading products are specially designed to be easy to use at home or on the go.

By following these 10 simple tips about using your LED mouthguard bleach kit, you’ll be quickly on your way to getting your teeth back to their natural whiteness.

  1. Brush your teeth before your whitening session, then pat teeth dry with a towel.
  2. Rinse the self-moulding mouthguard thoroughly.
  3. Attach the mouthguard to the Compact LED Unit by aligning the two holes on the mouthguard with the two prongs on the LED unit, sliding them together as close as you can.
  4. To help prevent mild tissue irritation, take a Vitamin E Swab and snap it open where indicated by the red line, then hold upright. Gravity will cause the Vitamin E oil to absorb at the bottom of the swab. Once absorbed, gently rub onto your top and bottom gums.
  5. Apply ½ mL of whitening gel to the top of the mouthguard then ½ mL to the bottom of the mouthguard. Apply the gel in a thin line from one side of the mouthguard all the way around to the other side. Keep the solution close to the bottom of the mouthguard to avoid getting excess gel onto your gums, as this may cause mild tissue irritation.
  6. Place the mouthguard into your mouth and gently bite down. Pushing the mouthguard onto your teeth gently enables it to suction for the perfect fit and optimal whitening results.
  7. Press small, circle start located on the front of the LED unit. Leave the mouthguard in for the recommended 15-minute treatment time.
  8. Once your 15 minutes is up, press the small circle on the front of your LED unit again to turn it off. Remove from your mouth and detach the LED unit from the mouthguard. Rinse your mouth and teeth with warm water, then rinse the mouthguard and remove all excess whitening gel. Avoid getting water onto your LED unit.
  9. If you experience any minor tissue irritation after whitening, repeat Step 4 – gently applying the Vitamin E Swab to the affected area.
  10. Repeat this procedure for seven consecutive days, then one session per fortnight to maintain your results.

Please contact us if you would like more information about how to get the best results from your LED mouthguard teeth bleach kit.