by Kellie Fraser-Carter on March 22, 2022

Dental Grade (Carbamide Peroxide 18%) | LED Teeth Whitening 

BLANQ Teeth Whitening Gel Refill

With whitening gels, it’s their peroxide component that’s the active ingredient for the bleaching process. Here’s what it does:

  • The peroxide breaks down and releases highly reactive molecules called “free radicals.
  • These molecules react with and break down the colored compounds that have become entrapped in a tooth’s enamel.
  • Since the byproducts that result are colorless, the tooth receives a lightening effect.

While it may take a low-concentration whitener more individual treatments to deliver the same total number of free radicals, either a low or high concentration product will create the same whitening end point.

Carbamide peroxide can be used in whitener formulations because when it’s exposed to water it breaks down into hydrogen peroxide (and urea), which then breaks down and creates the whitening effect as described above.

Carbamide peroxide can used because it’s a comparatively stabile compound. This helps the manufacturer to insure product quality and consistency at the consumer’s end.




Peroxide Free | LED Teeth Whitening 

BLANQ Teeth Whitening Gel Refill


Some of the most popular bleaching agents in products that don’t contain Peroxide is Sodium Bicarbonate. This whitening agent is quite commonly included in toothpastes that are aimed at whitening teeth. However, in toothpaste it is worthwhile to mention that it is only included in lower concentrations so it provides limited results for users in terms of whitening. So when the Peroxide Free formula was made for the home LED Teeth Whitening Kits, whitening products containing high levels of Sodium Bicarbonate (Peroxide Free) became a great alternative for teeth whitening at home. BLANQs Peroxide free formuIa is a great alternative for people who have more sensitive teeth and want to get similar results to Carbamide Peroxide, but without any side effects.

BLANQ is one of the only home LED Teeth Whitening companies that allows you the user, to choose which solution you’d prefer to have in your BLANQ LED Teeth Whitening kit. Giving you the choice of either the Dental Grade Peroxide OR Peroxide Free to help you gain confidence in your smile…